For those of you who haven't heard yet: we finished in last place at the Regionals. We were really upset with the result, because we actually felt we performed pretty well on the day. Our start was maybe a little shaky, but as the piece went on we grew in confidence and towards the end we were playing it as well as we've ever played the piece before. Sadly the judges didn't see it that way. Maybe the test piece was a little too easy, because it sounds like all the bands gave a good account of themselves. Normally there are a few catastrophes!

So, we're relegated to the 3rd section. There are some silver linings to that. We still have great players around the stands and a top class conductor. Our plan for the next year is to start competing as much as possible. Last year we played two contests after the regionals, and took 3rd place in both, but we want to beat that this year. We're currently still classed as a second section band, but once we officially drop into the third section, we intend to cause some carnage!

We're looking for a Bb Bass and a Soprano player to help us win some trophies, and push for a quick promotion back to the second section. If you're interested please get in touch!